Lets Hear It For The Girls!

Galentines Day is becoming almost as popular as Valentines Day. Below we explain its origins and offers some ideas on how to celebrate.

February is the ‘month of love’ with Valentine’s Day on 14th being eagerly anticipated (or dreaded!) by many. However, we’re noticing an increasing interest in Galentines Day, celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, on 13th February. This year, for the first time, we've stocked cards specifically for the occasion.   

Although Galentines Day has been in existence since 2010, it’s only gained popularity in the UK over the last few years. For the uninitiated, Galentines Day is essentially a celebration of female friendship. It’s a day to honour your female besties and other women who are important in your life. It’s a way of saying ‘Thank you for always being there’.

Apparently, it started as a storyline in the popular American sitcom, Parks and Recreation. The idea gained traction; life imitated art, and it became a thing.

While few people would object to the idea of women celebrating women, Galentines Day does have its critics. Some women argue that they don’t need a special day to celebrate their women friends; they do it 365 days of the year. Others think that Galentines Day undermines the long-established International Women’s Day celebration of women that takes place in March. It’s also suggested that Galentines Day is used as a distraction from female singledom, as if being a single woman is wrong and somehow ‘less than’ being part of a couple. And, of course, there are those who decry it as another ‘fake holiday’ designed to part people from their hard-earned money (as a gift shop, we couldn’t possibly comment!)

In fairness, there’s probably a bit of truth in all these opinions but one thing awareness days like Galentines do is encourage us to take a few hours from our extremely busy lives to actually demonstrate our gratitude to those who mean so much to us.

So how do people celebrate Galentines Day? Here are 6 of the best ideas we've come across.

1) Send a card (of course!)       

2) Buy a them a token gift.
3) Cook them a special meal.
4) Enjoy a joint 'day away' (e.g. a spa or trip). 
5) Do an experience-based workshop together.
6) Make a playlist of their favourite back-in-the-day tunes.

Do you celebrate Galentines Day? If so, how do you celebrate?
Leave a comment below.

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