The Groundnut Cookbook

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The Groundnut Cookbook is a cookbook by friends Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd and Folayemi Brown.

Drawing on family recipes, three energetic, imaginative Londoners introduce key dishes from the African continent and give helpful tips for preparing staples like kohlrabi and okra (their Tamarind Pork is a particular Vogue favourite!)

The book is packed full of gorgeous full-colour photography and easy-to-follow, fresh and healthy recipes. Learn how to prepare classics like their namesake Groundnut Stew, and Jollof Rice, alongside innovative offerings like their Avocado Ice Cream or Puna Yam Cake. The Groundnut Cookbook will make you wonder why it's taken you this long to explore Africa's culinary gems

Authors:Timothy, Duval ; Fodio Todd, Jacob and Brown, Folayemi

Format: hardback