Iyoba Idia Hand-Crafted Leather Case


This unisex-case can be used as a media case for your tablet or phone or as a clutch purse. There is a loop to attach your own strap or chain. 

The front of this case features a print of the iconic image of Iyoba Idia as depicted on one of the original 16th century ivory masks taken from Benin. The mask is one of the most recognisable African images.

Iyoba Idia was of the Edo people. She was a warrior, protector, and a political  and spiritual guide who fought for her son, Osegie, to claim the title of Oba of the Kingdom of Benin (c1504 to c1550). Her power and influence were such that she has been referred to as the ‘Hidden Oba’. She represents a timeless example of an African leader.

Size 25cm x 17cm.